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The first in consumers' preference table salt in Greece. KALAS CLASSIC is not accidentally the best seller salt in Greece and known to over 20 countries internationally, but due to its unique quality. KALAS salt is vacuum refined, and this method of process ensures the production of absolutely clean salt grain which also maintains all natural substances. For all the above KALAS is the best salt to use.


ΒΕΜ salads

BEM is the name of salads that the consumer knows since 1947 when the first production started.

Today BEM salads are produced according to the original recipes without any change maintaining the unique taste which remains always real.

Modern facilities and equipment, absolutely safe environment of production under ISO, IFS and BRC Quality Assurance Systems in combination with highly experienced staff ensure the  high quality of BEM products.


17 Delicatessen Salads

A story which started from a small delicatessen store and ended to the present modern and absolutely certified production unit at the roots of mount Olympus.

From its beginning 17 DELICATESSEN has brought a new taste in salads which gained consumers' preference.

Mustard – Ketchup – Mayonnaise - Dressings

The variety of flavors and exceptional quality of Mustard 17 DELICATESSEN give unique and rich taste to your dishes. Ketchup 17 DELICATESSEN is produced from chosen Greek tomatoes. 17 Delicatessen Dressings have gained consumers' preference due to their unique flavors. French Dressing with characteristic tomato flavor and smooth mustard taste and Mustard Dressing with a distinct taste of mustard and spices. Enriched our range with 3 new flavors Blue Cheese, Thousand Island and Caesar's.



Cod Fish – Herring – Cod roe

Traditional wet salted and dry salted fish of Icelandic and Norwegian origin.

Nothing more than the traditional golden smoked Canadian herrings.

Cod roe and cod roe paste, under the BEM brand name.

Luncheon Meat

Luncheon meat pork is produced by TULIP and distributed in Greece exclusively by KALAS.

Luncheon meat chicken is produced by an accredited by the European Union production unit and is addressed to catering.

Canned Seafood

ROTA canned sardines and tuna are of high quality and are produced on behalf of KALAS in a certified production unit abroad, which fully complies with the international quality standards.


With a high quality standard, CHAPERON MUSHROOMS sliced and whole, produced in a certified production unit on behalf of KALAS.

Mineral Water

Loutraki source water is bottled for KALAS, complying with all the specifications of the European Union  and circulates in 0,5lt and 1lt packages.

The co-existence of the names KALAS and LOUTRAKI reinforces the trust of the consumers on this product.

Standard Agricultural Products

Under brand name BEM are available in glass jars.

Pet Food

KALAS is active in the field of pet food with the trade mark LOVIES, having a complete range of dog and cat food.
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importance of salt for human body

Salt plays a significant role in human life, and its history is absolutely connected with that of human being since it is essential for human survival. The first simple microorganisms were developed in the sea and depended solely on seawater, which provided them with the nutrients and oxygen they needed.

The fetus grows inside a liquid which contains salt. Breast milk, heart, arteries, veins and our own blood also contain salt. During pregnancy,  the woman's needs in sodium are increased  due to the  increase in blood volume.

Thus, although doctors previously recommended reducing the amount of salt to avoid the danger of swelling, now the view has been revised and salt is necessary in pregnant woman's diet.

The relation between salt and hypertension is also under discussion today. Studies carried out show a small increase in blood pressure within the limits of statistic error. Besides, the main cause for hypertension is our bad eating habits.

Even research has now  turned to the other salt component, chlorine, since, so far the criminalization of sodium has led doctors to the wrong paths and to hysterical prohibitions towards those who suffer from hypertension. What is particularly important is the balance of potassium and sodium.

Sodium and potassium function as electrolytes in the body (potassium inside cells and sodium in blood and tissues). Natural foods without salt contain enough potassium, so a small quantity of salt strengthens the presence of sodium and contributes to the  desired balance. In the model of natural diet, salt consumption is actually imposed.

Particular attention is needed when it comes to prepared foods with preservatives (sausages, cans, processed food) which contain enough salt. Athletes should also consume significant quantities of salt after intense physical activity.

The fluid loss is high (often around 2 liters per hour of exercise), thus the loss of sodium should be balanced by increasing salt in the diet and water consumption. Nevertheless what is important to realize is that there are no rules applying to everyone regarding the use of salt and it is risky to give general instructions especially to hypertensive and nephritic patients.


The benefits of salt for our organism

Correct amount of salt in our body :

- helps in the multiplication of red blood cells
- helps in the prevention of constipation
- facilitates digestion
- contributes to gastric fluids secretion
- contributes to appropriate support and balance of adrenal gland
- strengthens and balance of thyroid
- sodium and water help maintain the health of our nervous system
- helps all cells to eliminate toxins
- sodium helps adrenal gland to maintain normal blood pressure in our body reduces swelling

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