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The first in consumers' preference table salt in Greece. KALAS CLASSIC is not accidentally the best seller salt in Greece and known to over 20 countries internationally, but due to its unique quality. KALAS salt is vacuum refined, and this method of process ensures the production of absolutely clean salt grain which also maintains all natural substances. For all the above KALAS is the best salt to use.


ΒΕΜ salads

BEM is the name of salads that the consumer knows since 1947 when the first production started.

Today BEM salads are produced according to the original recipes without any change maintaining the unique taste which remains always real.

Modern facilities and equipment, absolutely safe environment of production under ISO, IFS and BRC Quality Assurance Systems in combination with highly experienced staff ensure the  high quality of BEM products.


17 Delicatessen Salads

A story which started from a small delicatessen store and ended to the present modern and absolutely certified production unit at the roots of mount Olympus.

From its beginning 17 DELICATESSEN has brought a new taste in salads which gained consumers' preference.

Mustard – Ketchup – Mayonnaise - Dressings

The variety of flavors and exceptional quality of Mustard 17 DELICATESSEN give unique and rich taste to your dishes. Ketchup 17 DELICATESSEN is produced from chosen Greek tomatoes. 17 Delicatessen Dressings have gained consumers' preference due to their unique flavors. French Dressing with characteristic tomato flavor and smooth mustard taste and Mustard Dressing with a distinct taste of mustard and spices. Enriched our range with 3 new flavors Blue Cheese, Thousand Island and Caesar's.



Cod Fish – Herring – Cod roe

Traditional wet salted and dry salted fish of Icelandic and Norwegian origin.

Nothing more than the traditional golden smoked Canadian herrings.

Cod roe and cod roe paste, under the BEM brand name.

Luncheon Meat

Luncheon meat pork is produced by TULIP and distributed in Greece exclusively by KALAS.

Luncheon meat chicken is produced by an accredited by the European Union production unit and is addressed to catering.

Canned Seafood

ROTA canned sardines and tuna are of high quality and are produced on behalf of KALAS in a certified production unit abroad, which fully complies with the international quality standards.


With a high quality standard, CHAPERON MUSHROOMS sliced and whole, produced in a certified production unit on behalf of KALAS.

Mineral Water

Loutraki source water is bottled for KALAS, complying with all the specifications of the European Union  and circulates in 0,5lt and 1lt packages.

The co-existence of the names KALAS and LOUTRAKI reinforces the trust of the consumers on this product.

Standard Agricultural Products

Under brand name BEM are available in glass jars.

Pet Food

KALAS is active in the field of pet food with the trade mark LOVIES, having a complete range of dog and cat food.
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  • Cod Fish – Herring – Cod roe
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  • Mineral Water
  • Standard Agricultural Products
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  • 1922
  • 1948-1956
  • 1963-1969
  • 1970-1974
  • 1992-1996
  • 1997-2000
  • 2001-2005
  • 2006-2010

Emm.Kalamarakis set up the first industry for the process of salt in Koukaki, which had a process of salt washing and also produced detergents of the known to the elder, Sapol and Krinol, and potash.

1922 1922 19221922



In the decade of 1950 Konstantinos Emm. Kalamarakis who had a diploma in Chemistry from the University of Athens, undertakes the reins of the company. While the production of the detergents Sapol and Krinol, potash and bleach continues, the restless mind of Konstantinos Kalamarakis captures the idea of putting KALAS salt in a bottle.



The product which until then was behind the counter of the grocer, takes its place on the shelf as well as in the hearts of consumers and “a leading part” in a film.


Having at that time been settled in the new plant at Peiraios Street and, above all, being a scientist, Konstantinos Kalamarakis researches and studies so that, with his product, he can make a positive contribution in the field of the health of the consumers. Thus, KALAS first, in 1963, produces iodized salt in cooperation with UNICEF and the World Health Organization, contributing in the prevention of iodine shortage in our country.


Always aiming at improving its products and exploiting the patent by Konstantinos Kalamarakis, KALAS first in Greece adopts the method of recrystallization in its production process. By full deconstructing the grain of crude salt and then by reconstructing it into crystals, KALAS succeeds in giving to the general public an absolutely pure salt, free from residues such as gypsum, sand and other foreign bodies which are contained in crude salt.

1970 - 1974

KALAS, already now in the form of limited companies, makes an important for the era investment by constructing a new production unit in Mesologgi. With the new equipment concerning the recrystallization and washing units as well as packaging unit, KALAS releases on the market the HERA salt in a transparent plastic bag which soon becomes “goddess of cooking”.

1992 - 1996

Greece is now a member state of the European Union. KALAS, with another production unit in Sindos Thessaloniki and a nationwide distribution network, broadens its exports activities as well as its product code, enriching it with the advanced in particle KALAS GOLDEN, the affordable to the consumer NIKI and KORONIS bags and the special salts KALAS LIGHT and KALAS SUBSTITUTE. Since then, in the framework of its health policy, KALAS was the first to release the special salts KALAS LIGHT and KALAS SUBSTITUTE in order to cover the needs of specific consumers for less sodium chloride.


1997 - 2000

1997 - 2000KALAS is 75 years old, has accomplished to make its name synonymous to the product and continues its course by investing in building facilities and equipment aiming at the quality of the produced goods. It is awarded by the European Association of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs as well as by UNICEF for its help in the prevention of iodine shortage in Albania. The NIKI product by KALAS is the only one which is recognized by UNICEF as qualified to bear the beacon of iodinated salt in the neighbouring country. But KALAS is not complacent and the third generation, Emm. Konstantinou Kalamarakis, 1997 - 2000a graduate engineer of the University of Zurich, launches the most important production investment in the country in the fields of salt and the expansion of the company business activity into new food categories. In 2000 the product KALAS FLUOR is released, the only salt with fluoride as a result of combined research by KALAS and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In the same year, KALAS certifies the total of its business processes with the Quality System ISO 9002. at the same time, it establishes its position in the category of salted products.

2001 - 2005


In 2001 the construction of the most modern salt washing unit in the country is completed, with total respect to the security of the product and with absolutely automated system of salt transportation. In 2002, KALAS is awarded once more. It is the Brand Name Product Award by the Chamber of Commerce of Athens. It now places under the qualitative umbrella KALAS QUALITY PRODUCTS not only salt, but also salted products, tinned products with the brand names ROTA, CHAPERON and LOVIES. In 2004 KALAS is fully certified with the Quality System ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP and has by then completed its business plan in which it incorporated the acquisition of 24,81% of the company Hellenic Salt works. The goal of the new business plan is to broaden the company's activities. KALAS is the salt but not only the salt. In 2005, KALAS undertakes the products BEM entering in this way in the category of salad, mustards and dressings.


2006 - 2010

In 2006 the production unit and the distribution center in Sindos Thessaloniki are modernized. In 2007 the company OLYMPUS FOODS S.A. is taken over and with the modern production facilities in N. Efesos in Pieria, KALAS establishes its position in the category of Salads, Mayonnaise, Mustard and Ketchup. In 2008, important investments in the recrystallization unit and the distribution center in Mesologgi are made. In 2009, KALAS designs the new distribution center in Attiki and at the same time it renews and adds to the equipment in the plant in N.Efesos in Pieria. Furthermore, the merger is completed with the 2006-2010absorption of OLYMPUS FOODS ABEE.

Today KALAS which is certified with ISO 22000, BRC and IFS units, it puts the new distribution center in the Industrial Area in Avlonas Attikis into operation, and it transfers its headquarters from the historic building in Peiraios Street to a new owned office building in Spyrou Patsi Street in the developing area of Votanikos, continuing its long-term course with total respect to the quality of the products and the general public.

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